Residential Home Inspections

A good home inspection may save you thousands when buying or selling a home by identifying potential problems before you buy.  Simply put, a home inspection is a non-invasive, visual inspection of a property to identify possible defects throughout different areas of the home.

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Commercial Building Inspections

Before buying or leasing a commercial property it is essential to perform a comprehensive inspection. An inspection can inform you about areas of concern, property safety issues, and structural components/mechanical systems that are in proper working condition.  It will also identify future maintenance items that may be of concern.

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Pool Inspections

When a pool or spa exists on a property, it is a wise decision to have it thoroughly inspected. This service more than pays for itself should there be problems with the equipment or structure.

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Grand Inspections LLC

We handle your residential and commercial inspections, including store fronts, mobile homes, apartments, condos and townhomes. You should treat a commercial property as carefully as you would a residential one. Don’t skimp on an inspection if you’re looking to buy or sell a business or home. Call Grand Home and Commercial Inspection today to schedule your inspection.

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